Fuel cell booms on the rising edge of the domestic power
In order to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement in 2050, the global average temperature is controlled within 2 degrees Celsius, the countries are looking for cleaner and more efficient technologies to replace the internal combustion engine and petrochemical energy, China's introduction for new energy vehicles A series of guidance policies, hydrogen and fuel cells are classified as one of the 15 energy technologies focused on the development direction. 2017 subsidy policy adjustment is more conducive to fuel cell technology, fuel cell, high pressure hydrogen storage system, hydrogen refueling station and other high-end companies to flourish, but some of the core components, such as fuel cell stack, the system mostly foreign companies, Which benefited from foreign fuel cell vehicles for many years of engineering experience and demonstration operations. However, this exhibition some of the new product launches, to the industry has brought new trends.
In this hydrogen and fuel cell development conference, Beijing Hydrogen Pu Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. were released their third-generation fuel cell stack and the second generation of fuel cell systems. Vice President of the International Society of Hydrogenics, Professor Mao Zongjiang, Professor of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University, Mr. Zhang Huarong, Chairman of Xiong Tao Power Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Peng Bin, Principal Consultant of Beijing Hupeng Chuangeng Technology Co., Ltd. Ouyang Xun Dr. Zhou Hongbo, Chairman of Zhejiang Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., unveiled two new products at the conference. Professor Mao said at the conference: "Ouyang has been known for six years, knowing that he and his team a few people come back from abroad, came back before the fuel cell products have been engaged in research and development. At a time when the fuel cell industry trough, but they "The third generation of hydrogen Pu, from the technical competitiveness, reliability, life, process can be realized, the cost of various considerations, product development, the development of the product, Time for nearly 24 months, "Beijing hydrogen Pu Chuang, chairman of Dr. Ouyang Xun at the meeting introduced to the" Today, our new release, the combination of hydrogen Pu partners decades of industry experience, but also embodies the whole of the company 7 years of hard work results. Today's release, is the road before the hydrogen Pu and a new beginning, but also from research and development to manufacturing transformation of a key node. "Conference Zhejiang hydrogen way 30kW fuel cell engine is eye-catching, "The first feature of this product is the high power density. In terms of weight, we use the lightweight design method to control the weight of the product in 79.4 kg; in terms of volume Designed to be very compact, length and width are 735 × 610 × 510mm, not only can be used in commercial vehicles, but also can be arranged in the passenger car; "Zhejiang hydrogen way chairman Dr. Zhou Hongbo introduced to" we and the combination of hydrogen Pu Fuel cell engines and reactors, are fully equipped with intellectual property rights of the localization system, with complete autonomy and huge cost reduction space. "August 29, the reporter in Beijing hydrogen Pu and Zhejiang hydrogen road stand to watch the new products Promotion, "hydrogen Pu developed third-generation reactor to achieve world-class carbon substrate power density: 1.5kW / L and 1kW / kg, longer life, taking into account the car market a good power market" Ouyang introduced to.